Monday, January 31, 2011


So glad to say that since the move, Coalbee's Place has been growing everyday! The move has allowed me more space and more days to have available for grooming.

Just had to tell a story about one of my most recent groomings. I had a labro-doodle come in last week. The owner had mentioned that it was a large dog, but I was thinking 50 pounds or so. NO, it was a 85 pound beast of a dog! It was huge and it took 2 men to get the dog on the table and into the tub. LOL Good thing my hubby and a friend was available. I did actually try to lift the dog, hahaha, no way. But on the bright side, the dog was an absolute sweetie!! Just a very large sweetie! LOL

It was comical to me because the grooming I had before him was a 6 pound poodle! Talk about opposites! Oh, each day comes with joy and laughter in the grooming room!

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