Monday, January 31, 2011


So glad to say that since the move, Coalbee's Place has been growing everyday! The move has allowed me more space and more days to have available for grooming.

Just had to tell a story about one of my most recent groomings. I had a labro-doodle come in last week. The owner had mentioned that it was a large dog, but I was thinking 50 pounds or so. NO, it was a 85 pound beast of a dog! It was huge and it took 2 men to get the dog on the table and into the tub. LOL Good thing my hubby and a friend was available. I did actually try to lift the dog, hahaha, no way. But on the bright side, the dog was an absolute sweetie!! Just a very large sweetie! LOL

It was comical to me because the grooming I had before him was a 6 pound poodle! Talk about opposites! Oh, each day comes with joy and laughter in the grooming room!

Monday, January 17, 2011

One of Coalbee's children at nearly 4 weeks of age. She is a salt and pepper and she loves to sleep! =)

Coalbee's Place is now moved! So happy to have it all done, well, at least mostly moved. It has been a lot of hard work but I have some great friends that helped me with so much of it. There is no way I could have completed everything without them! A special "Thank You" goes out to all of them!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

On the move...

Coalbee's Place is on the move! I am hoping to have things up and running by the 18th of January. Snow has fallen, again, and that has really slowed down the moving process but I think I can get it all done on time.

Update: The puppies are now walking around and beginning to play more and are definately getting more vocal! They are so cute at this stage! Will try to post new pics soon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coalbee's children...

Here are 2 of the 7 puppies that were born on 12-22-2010. Coalbee was the father and my other schnauzer, Bailee, is the mother. The one on the right is a solid black and the one on the left is a salt and pepper. They just opened their eyes yesterday, Too Cute!

Need help with houstraining??

Check out this video for tips:

Do you have a dog with bad teeth? This company has a great product to help your dog's oral problems. Most bad breath issues comes from plaque and tarter build up on their teeth. This product helps in the removal of plaque and tarter, which in turn helps with poor breath.

Coalbee's Place...

Coalbee's Place is Lookout Valley's very own dog grooming shop. Coalbee's Place is named after my Mini. Schnauzer, Coalbee. He is a AKC Champion Line father of 2 litters. When he was a puppy he was coal black, hence his name.

CP provides grooming from just nails to "the works"- nails, haircut, ear cleaning, and bath. CP uses only organic shampoos, conditioners and flea dips. CP provides a calm, clean shop to provide the best experience for your "best friend". I take pride in what I do and truely enjoy spending time with your dogs and helping them to stay beautiful.

If you would like to visit CP and take a tour of the shop, give me a call 667-2550. I know that all parents are concerned with where their pets will be and how they are taken care of.

I hope to hear from you and look forward to meeting your "best friend"!

Lisa - owner/groomer Coalbee's Place